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Are you a journalist, writer or photographer somewhere around the world? Would you like to seek out for people between 25 and 35, write down their stories and deliver images? If so, you can help us.

Welcome to 30 to 30

We, four Dutch creatives, want to collect, map and share stories of people of the same age from around the world. What are the life-changing dilemmas people in their 20's and 30's face in Europe, Africa, Asia or South America? What is it like not to be married yet in China before you are 30 years old? And what does becoming 30 mean to people in Bolivia?

Family, careers, education, having children; all of these topics and many more will be discussed in relation to turning 30. We hope this website offers inspiration and perspective to all people in their twenties en thirties. We look forward to an amazing collection of stories.

How can you contribute?

We're looking for journalists, writers and photographers who can help us write stories and deliver images. Contributors can be Dutch nationals seeking out people while traveling for example, but preferably foreign writers who are willing to write from the viewpoint of their own culture. The stories must be written in English.

All contributors will receive credit for their work on the website, with a link to their personal or professional websites. Unfortunately we cannot provide another form of compensation. But we hope the fact that you will expand your network through a one-time contribution to an international network of writers and photographers, will be a great motivation.

Do you want to contribute? Contact us!

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